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The Guardian

How a mummy made of cardboard brought new life to my daughter

It outlines the story of one of the chapters in my memoir The Owl at the Window – how a homemade effigy finally helped my daughter talk about the death of her mum

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Telegraph online

Dead Funny: How comedy helped me deal with the death of my wife

Online article in ‘Thinking Man’ section of The Daily Telegraph.

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TV & Radio

Carl has made a number of appearances on TV & radio

Conversations on This Morning, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Norfolk and more.

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The Rhythm of Grief

How I mourned my wife by playing the drums

Music played a special part in the relationship I had with my wife Vikki.

We met at a gig in Oxford in the early eighties; I was playing drums in the band – she was in the audience. Our eyes met across a sweaty, student crowd. An old-fashioned look. Love at first sight. Like a dream. Or the corniest of films.

It was the start of a long relationship – we grew up together, got married, we were best friends, we were soulmates.

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“Lights! Camera! Crying!”

How my grief became a TV pilot

It is the summer of 2014 and I am standing in a field near Watford watching Alan Davies pretending to be me. That is one of the things about working in television. Sometimes life gets a little strange.

As a TV writer, I’ve done that thing a lot of people say you’re supposed to do. I’ve written about my own experience. But in my case, that wasn’t anything small – a day at the seaside or a crisis at work.

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