The Owl at the Window

A dramatic, moving and darkly comic memoir.

A remarkable story of renewal and hope.

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About The Book

'She is dead. She was here just now and she was alive. How can she suddenly be dead? People in history are dead. Old people are dead. Grandparents are dead. Other people are dead. Not people like me. Not this person. The person I was married to. Had a child with. Not the person who was standing next to me. Chatting. Laughing. Being.'

Shock is just one of many emotions explored in award-winning TV comedy writer Carl Gorham's account of his bereavement which is by turns deeply moving and darkly humorous. Part love story, part widower's diary, part tales of single parenting, it tells of his wife's cancer, her premature death and his attempts to rebuild his life afterwards with his six -year old daughter.

Realised in a series of vivid snapshots, it takes the reader on an extraordinary journey from Oxford to Australia, from Norfolk to Hong Kong through fear, despair, pain and anger to hope, laughter and renewal.

The Owl at the Window is a fresh and original exploration of what it means to lose a partner in your forties, and how Carl learned to live again.

About The Author
About author

Carl Gorham is best known as the creator, co-writer and producer of the cult animated sitcom, “Stressed Eric”, the first ever British adult animated sitcom. Featuring the voices of Alison Steadman, Rebecca Front, Mark Heap and Alexander Armstrong, it was first broadcast on BBC2 in 1998, has been shown in more than twenty countries and was the first animated sitcom to be played in primetime on NBC in the USA for thirty-five years. It also won a number of awards including two British Animation Awards, two New York TV Festival Awards and an Indie Award.

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