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The Owl at the Window


★ ★ ★ ★

The Mail on Sunday

“A funny, sad and affecting memoir”

Catholic Herald

★ ★ ★ ★

“A very readable memoir”

The Lady

“One of the most honest and moving books I have ever read”

The PuffleHuffle Kitteh Blog

"It's a commonplace story told in beautiful prose and with painful honesty"

There's a book 4 that

"A touching collage of life, love and early death"

Yorkshire Magazine

The Very Old Pretenders

Radio 4

“A comic tour de force that had me howling with laughter”

Radio Times

“Very funny”

The Daily Telegraph

“A witty script by Carl Gorham meets a marvellous cast”

The Sunday Telegraph

“Delightfully childish and very funny”

The Sunday Times

“Cracking bedtime listening”

Daily Express

“Sparkily entertaining”

Daily Mail

Stressed Eric


“Utterly brilliant”

The Daily Telegraph

★ ★ ★ ★

“Very funny”

Daily Mail

“A brilliantly observed and hilarious British animated series for grown-ups”

The Mail on Sunday

“Sparkling new animation”

The Express on Sunday

“Some beautifully observed scenes”

The Daily Telegraph

“Creator Carl Gorham has a shrewd eye for the appalling humiliations of everyday life”

The Guardian

Gorham and Swift

Comedy Duo

“Beautifully funny”

Time Out

“Clever performers and an occasional sharp ear for current realities”

The Guardian

“The best comics I’ve seen this year”

Capitol Radio

“Fast, slick unadulterated and unrestrained entertainment”

Edinburgh Festival Times